Being a Second Photographer

I was asked by the lovely and talented Cassandra to second shoot a wedding with her at the Bear Mountain Inn in Waterford, Maine. Now let me tell you, being a wedding photographer is an amazing job, but being a second wedding photographer with other fantastic artists is a blast! Check out the perks to having a second photographer. When you are the second in command it allows you to relax and be as creative as you wish, and you get to hang out with the groom and his groomsmen. As a main wedding photographer we often spend most of our time with the bride because well, let’s face it they have more to do to get ready and WAY more to photograph than the guys. Needless to say, when I do get this opportunity it allows me to get more creative with photographs that capture the groom and his guys well. It’s my second favorite job.

whiskey, boots, and country belts on the white bench       Boutonniere, wedding rings, on a white bench


groom doing the buttons on his suit jacket in black and white

I had the opportunity to work with Jon and his groomsman on his wedding day. I myself wore my cowgirl boots and my nice attire to this lovely wedding. Upon arriving we all realized we were all wearing the same boots, now talk about matching the wedding party. We hit it off right away, I met his groomsmen and we had such a great time getting ready and talking about how he and Adela would react when seeing him at their first look. Being able to document the guys getting ready is always a very different and unique experience that always has me laughing.

Groom tying his tie in black and white

Adela and Jon

        First look with bride and groom

Adela and Jon met a fews years ago and hit it off immediately. Jon an engineer and Adela a well respected attorney living in the beautiful state of California celebrating their union in the beautiful destination state of Maine. They made the perfect couple. Going into their first look Jon and I were both nervous, I could feel his nervousness and excitement as I watched Adela walk down to him for the first time to be husband and wife. During this moment I was the only one able to see both of their feelings, and once she touched his shoulder and he turned to her I could see nothing but pure love and joy exude from Adela. They had the air of love and passion when they were around each other, it was as if they world stood still. Being able to see a love such as this was magical. The couple were lively, funny, and full of joy the whole day, nothing could keep them apart not even the rain that was teasing the day, just ask Adela and Jon. 🙂

bride and groom dancing with their parents in the barn with a chandelier

If you have been on the fence about doing a first look, look no further! Check out this blog to answer your questions.