As many of you know my name is Catherine Gross, I am a full-time teacher and photographer that just made the move to Maine and life is amazing.

This blog post is dedicated to Brody. Brody is a previous student of mine that has autism. There is often a misconception about children with autism that they are standoffish and aloof, I will be the first to say that is not the case.

Brody has changed my life. I was one of those people that did not know about autism and often thought the misconceptions others think. Then I met this incredible, caring, kind, adventurous, and exciting kid. He has shown me what real love looks like and true happiness. He has taught me the important things in life, and has reminded me to stop and take the time to enjoy the small things. Brody has helped me enjoy every moment and not forget to laugh. Most importantly he has altered my educational career, I have since become very active in the autism community and have changed the way I run my classroom. He has also changed the type of photographer I have become. Every year I donate my time doing photos for children with autism, this is to make parents feel at ease going through a session knowing the pictures are 100% guaranteed. I do this for the whole month of April. I owe the way I have changed my business to one smart amazing kid.

Autism is very real and many of these kids struggle making friends and having relationships many of us have, all because they are different and unique. There are students just like Brody that do not get the support they need. Please remember to take a second and educate yourselves. You will find kids with autism are amazing and they will teach you more about life than you can teach them. I know Brody did.

Thank for everything Brody. Ms. Gross will always love you.