man on one knee proposing to his girlfriend, fog, top of cadillac mountain, maine

Cadillac Mountain Surprise Proposal | Bar Harbor Engagement

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Engagement Photography

Carrie and Wade

Carrie and Wade’s love story was an unexpected one. They were both doing different things in their lives and on different tracks; they knew each other not well I might add but Carrie new Wade as the man who lived up the road from her parent’s house.

One day out of nowhere Carrie and Wade struck up a conversation and began a friendship, their friendship soon blossomed and they discovered a keen sense of compassion for one another, they discovered they had more in common than they imagined. Both were waiting for love, but little did they know it was waiting right next door.

As time went by Carrie and Wade began seeing more and more of each other and sharing life stories. They discussed their family lives, their pasts, and all of what they want out of the future. As things progressed they introduced each other’s family to their children and immediately fell in love with the dynamic that was forming. Forever love was in the air. Wade started to realize Carrie was the woman he’s been waiting for his whole life, so he began the idea of his surprise proposal to ask her to marry him.

man on one knee proposing to his girlfriend, fog, top of cadillac mountain, maine

Planning a Surprise Proposal

Wade approached some of Carrie’s family members with the idea of proposing. He then set up a lunch date with Carrie’s father Steve (without her knowing) to ask for Carrie’s hand in marriage. Carries father was over the moon with excitement, they spent the lunch hour talking about a plan that would be romantic and they came up with a surprise proposal on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia national park (Bar Harbor, Maine).

Steve, Carries father is a bike rider who bikes miles for several charities and has biked cross country (I Ride with Steve). He helped Wade to come up with the brilliant plan of biking up Cadillac mountain where all Carries friends and family would be to cheer him on at the top. They would be in a perfect location for Wade to propose. Wade loved the idea and the two of them put the plan in place.

newley engaged woman looking at the camera, hand on her fiances chest

Acadia National Park 

On the day of the surprise proposal Carrie only knew everyone was going to the top of Cadillac Mountain to wait for her dad to bike to the top, little did she know all her friends and family were there for her as well along with a special photographer to document their engagement

It was a beautiful yet wet drive up. It wasn’t raining hard but more of a drizzle with a thick layer of fog. We were all a little nervous but eager for the moment. See the thing about surprise proposals is everyone involved is also eager and nervous hoping everything goes perfect.

Next thing I knew there we were at the top of the mountain with fog so thick you could barely see through to the next person. Kids running and playing, family talking and laughing as we all waited for Steve to make his final arrival to the top of the mountain. After some time passed someone spotted him coming and we all began cheering and jumping up and down with joy (that couldn’t have been easy riding a bike to the top). I will never forget the proud look on everyone’s faces once he made it to the top, but most importantly I will never forget the look of determination on his face getting to the top knowing this was also going to be one of the best moments of his daughter’s life. I saw a father’s love coming up that final hill.

Friends and family have gathered around when Wade dropped to one knee and asked Carrie to be his wife. “Yes!” she said with tears in her eyes, and so has begun their adventure as one family.

newly engaged couple hugging on top of cadillac mountain, foggy

Cadillac Mountain Surprise Proposal 

There is nothing better than a surprise proposal, I mean obviously, you don’t see it coming but you’ve been waiting for the day since you fell in love. The same is for the significant other who is doing the proposal, they feel the same way yet they have all the pressure of planning out how they will propose hoping it’s the perfect moment with the perfect location. Seriously though, I might be biased but there is no better place to propose than Maine.

Maine is so stunningly beautiful in all its nature, it’s quiet and homey and oh so romantic if you ask me. Cadillac Mountain is a dream! Everything about it is so beautiful from the drive-in to the drive to the top, seeing all the gorgeous trees and overlooking Bar Harbor Maine, what could be better than that? If you can’t tell I have a love for Bar Harbor Maine and all its quaint beauty. So documenting this surprise proposal was just as exciting for me as everyone else. 

Acadia surprise proposal, bar harbor maine.

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