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How to Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Wedding Photography

Picture Perfect Wedding Tips for How to Look Good in Photos for your Wedding (and all others)

Do you ever look back at photos and wish you would have done something differently? “Oh, I wish I would have put my arm on my hip” or “I wish I would have held my head up a little higher”.   I know it sounds silly but there are actually a few things you can do to make sure you look good in photos – and I’m going to share how to look good in photos in today’s blog post!

As a Portland Maine wedding photographer, I want everyone to look back on their photos and say “wow! I look great!” So here’s how to do that – both on your wedding day and any other day.

  1. The eyes have it

Especially on your wedding day – you want to look like a better version yourself when you have your makeup done. (For other tips on wedding makeup and how it can help you look good in photos, see my tips here.) One of the biggest tricks to achieve this is to get false eyelashes. They completely transform the eye and really make them pop and sparkle in photos. However – if you can – have someone apply individual lashes vs. using the adhesive strips. This way if one falls off, your day won’t be ruined. 😉

  1. Beware of the cold shoulder

Before posing for photos – roll your shoulders back a few times to help get rid of tension. This way you will look a lot more relaxed in your photos. And when you’re relaxed – your true beauty shines through! This is a common mistake I see brides do often and I am reminding them to always roll their shoulders back.

  1. Snuggle Up

It might feel awkward – but get closer than normal to your groom when you’re posing for your photos. Space that may not feel awkward in real life can be amplified in the photos and can make it look like you don’t like each other. So get close and snuggle up to that handsome partner of yours!

  1. Wear Your Hair Pulled Back

If you can – pull your hair back on the sides so you can see your face from all angles. It’s the worst when I’m trying to get a candid shot and all you see is hair vs. their beautiful face!

  1. Avoid the Double Chin

This is one of my worst fears so it could be one of yours too – the double chin! We don’t look like this in real life so we certainly don’t want to look like this in our photos!

A few tricks I always remember – move your head forward slightly and lift up your chin. This will elongate your neck. You know you aren’t lifting up your chin enough if you can feel your neck creasing.

I also try touching my tongue to the roof of my mouth right behind my front teeth but still stay relaxed. I know it sounds silly – but try it next time!

  1. Cheers!

If you can’t seem to relax – have a few sips (not a few glasses) of a cocktail or wine prior to photos. It can help take the edge off of being in front of the camera and let your relaxed, everyday-self come through in the finished product.


I hope these tips helped you on how to look good in photos for the next time you’re in front of the camera!



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Tips on How to Look good in photos on Your Wedding DayTips on How to Look good in photos on Your Wedding DayTips on How to Look good in photos on Your Wedding DayTips on How to Look good in photos on Your Wedding Day

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