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How to Pose for Wedding Photos – From Selfies to Wedding Photos

by | Feb 17, 2018 | Wedding Photography

How to pose for wedding photos – you want to look your best; right?  

In today’s post, I will share a few of my posing secrets on how to pose for a good picture so you can always put your best photo-self forward!




5 Steps on How to Pose for Wedding Pictures:


1. Take Care of Your Hair

If you have long hair, try not to have it sit on your shoulders.  Instead – try these options:

  1. Face your part towards the camera so that more of your face is included.
  2. Put some of your hair behind one shoulder and the other in front of your shoulder.
  3. Wear your hair back.  This lends itself nicely in portraits so the photographer has a clear view of your face.


2. Pull Your Chin (or ears) Forward

When you’re standing normal and relaxed, everyone has a little bit of “flab” under their chin.  To avoid seeing this in photos – try to bring your ears forward by sticking out your face.  If you try and stick your chin out, you will look up a bit and the photographer will get most of your nostrils which is not attractive. Trust me.


3. Lift Your Arm

Usually when you stand naturally, you will put your arm flat at your sides.  This is a no-no for photos as it makes your arm look larger than it is – and no one wants that! Plus you want to see emotion, and arms tell a lot about emotion believe it or not.

 Put your hand on your hip this will make sure your arm is the size it is in real life – smaller – not larger. Or wrap your arms around your significant other, whatever you do on the day of your wedding act normal, have fun and it will all just flow. Avoid standing straight on facing the camera and gaps, this is your wedding day we don’t want to see any gaps! Get cozy, this makes for the best photos.


4. Turn Your Shoulders

If you look at the camera head on, you look bigger.

If you turn to the side – you will show a slimmer profile of yourself to the camera. Just a slight turn can make all of the difference.


5. Think Good Thoughts and your Wedding Photos will turn out great!

If you genuinely think of a good moment or memory – this will make your smile even better for the photo.

Try it in a mirror – did you see a difference between your smile when you weren’t thinking about a favorite memory vs. when you were?

Did you try these tips on how to pose for a good picture and see a difference?  I’d love to hear from you!

selfie pose for wedding photos      bride and groom cutting wedding cake pose for wedding photos



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