Meadow Ridge Farms Maine Barn Wedding

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Wedding Photography

Maine Barn Wedding

As a wedding photographer who has documented several weddings over the years I have seen many amazing venues and met some amazing people along my journey. Lately, Maine barn weddings have stolen my heart. In Maine you tend to think the most popular venue is getting married at the beach but some of the most amazing and romantic moments have been at some stunningly designed barns.

It rained this beautiful wedding day but sometimes the unexpected makes for the most memorable moments. This couple embraced it all, they lived in the moment, loved one another and went to their wedding reception as newly weds. It was truly amazing to see everyone come together for a wedding ceremony and willing to stand and sit in the rain to celebrate the ones they love. 

Wedding details. wedding glowers, jewlery, invitations and perfum on a chair on the patio
Groom and groomsmen standing near a lake looking at the camera with the groom in front as the main focus

Maine Barn Wedding Receptions

Let’s talk about wedding receptions. What’s so great about them? The party of course. This is the time to celebrate and enjoy your new moment as newly weds with all your friends and family that was there to witness your ceremony as one. BUT, don’t forget some of the greatest moments are captured at the reception such as the mother son dance, father daughter dance, first dances etc. occasionally very rare and surprising moments will occur and you will later realize this is why you hired a professional photographer because you won’t remember these until you look back on those images and relive the moment all over again. A Maine barn wedding is the way to go to achieve the rustic elegant style you might be seeking.

wedding reception shoe game. Bride and groom sitting in chairs holding up shoes to answer questions

Meadow Ridge Farm 

When you are looking for the perfect venue you have to narrow it down to the type of venue you envision. For example, if you decide you want a barn wedding style, or elegant upscale ballroom etc. Once you make that decision you begin searching for the venue that matches your vision. If you are in search for a Maine barn wedding, Meadow Ridge should be on your list of considerations. 

This wedding venue has the elegance and rustic appeal you may be searching for. Not to mention the owners own and operate and work hard to make your vision come to life while doing everything they can to make choosing your wedding venue less stressful, you can’t ask for more than that. So when considering a rustic elegant style consider Meadow Ridge Farms.

Maine Wedding Photographer

We can spend a great amount of time talking about finding the perfect wedding photographer but let’s face it the only thing that’s truly important is finding someone with your vision and someone you can connect with. Once you find a photographer who shares these things you know you not only have the perfect fit for you, but you most likely have built a friendship. Being a wedding photographer is more than just meeting people and shooting their wedding, it’s about building relationships, we like to keep in touch with you and your life. So take the time to find the best fit and have a heck of a time doing it! Consider me to capture one of the best days of your life.

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