Meet Catherine

Bold, personable, and whimsical are three words that adequately describe the works of art captured behind the lenses of photographer Catherine J. Gross.

Every interaction, session, and experience holds an element of uniqueness, as Catherine captures the moment before her with a keen understanding that every moment or person in life is unique and special. From an early age, Catherine had an interest in photography, taking in every moment with the same sheer pleasure and surprise gifted to those so young. However, it wasn’t until she visited and beheld the surreal beauty of various European cities in 2010 that she awakened a real passion for photography. She was awestruck by the kaleidoscope of light that poured through the stained glass windows of towering cathedrals and sought to capture this light through film.

Catherine wanted to immortalize the sights and moments around her through her photography and share them with the world. Thus, through a clever combination of light, talent, passion, and drive, Catherine J. Gross embarked on a career of photography.

Catherine envisions and creates images of various occasions, people, and moments. However, she has a keen interest in weddings and newborns as each of these categories reflect the beginning of a new adventure and are the true meaning behind these words…once upon a time

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