Maine Wedding Videographer

Catherine J. Gross

I am a Maine Wedding Videographer / Photographer that is dedicated to preserving every moment of your wedding day.

Maine Wedding Photography

I provide customized Maine Wedding Videography services that fit the need of every client.

From the preparatory events up to the main event and the reception, I am always on the ground to capture it all. A passion in photography combines in-depth experience with creativities to film various scenes without missing any moment.

This is complimented by an impressive post-production media delivery. My wedding video editing process enhances the footage and delivers on the compilation of a comprehensive, yet beautiful wedding video.

Capturing the love and emotion, creating art that people connect with on an emotional level

Why Choose Me To Film Your Wedding Video?

Maine Wedding Photography

Your event is mine.

Away from the experience and creativity, I also bring effective collaboration to the table. I understand that the success of any wedding depends on the cooperation of all the planning parties. I consider myself as one, alongside musicians, caterers, and wedding officials in Maine.

I do not only play the part as an integral member of this wedding in Maine, but also do it to my clients’ delight. My approach ensures that I am not obtrusive. I blend into the picture like any other guest, without missing out on my main responsibility.

My videography approach is flexible.

I understand that each couple has their preferences. So, I take time to understand your needs before crafting the perfect wedding videography plan that perfectly suits your event.

Do you have certain areas you will like to preserve? Or you have a list of people to spotlight? I am always ready to make things work in favor of my Maine clients.

Best-in-class equipment.

My excellent videography skills are further complemented with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. Once I have properly assessed the event venue, I setup my equipment in the best locations, ensuring that I capture every moment with zero intrusions.

Customizable and Affordable Wedding Videography Packages

Pro Package

  • Includes:

  • All Day wedding videography coverage

  • Ceremony, Pre-Ceremony, Reception, Editing, Finished video on thumb drive.

Bundle with a Wedding Photography Package and SAVE!

At Catherine J. Gross Photography, our readiness to work with our Maine clients’ budget stands us out among other Maine Wedding Videographers. I am always ready to discuss your needs and provide a custom quote / payment plan in that respect.

Feel free to get in touch with me today through any of my communication lines. If you are ready to Book or would like more information, fill out the form below. Let’s make a timeless, beautiful video of your wedding day.

Ceremony Wedding Videographer Catherine J. Gross

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