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bride and groom on a maine lake near Bangor, Maine


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Catherine J. Gross: Maine Wedding Photographer

I can’t wait to capture your big day at one of the Best Bangor Maine wedding venues. From the first moment you walk down the aisle as husband and wife, all of those breathtaking moments at your ceremony–I want them captured for posterity! Think about how special it will be when these photos are handed down through generations-maybe even from a son or daughter who will get married themselves one day?

Bangor Maine bride and groom looking at each other

Getting Married in Bangor, Maine

It’s time to think about how you plan on documenting this special day. You found love and want the world to know it – As a Maine wedding photographer, I can really tell from the glimpses in time that these are the memories worth keeping! It’ll be important that when your wedding rolls around nothing goes unnoticed so make sure all aspects of event planning reflect who YOU truly ARE as a couple (love)

Bride and groom portrait near Bangor Maine

Delightful, intimate wedding photography

I am a professional wedding photographer, and I love the raw emotions that come with capturing your wedding day. Every moment is worth it! You’ll be able to treasure these memories forever in photographs – which means you can enjoy them again for years down the line as well if they are taken by someone who understands what makes this such an important occasion on both sides of things: bride & groom alike

Bride getting ready for a wedding in Bangor Maine

Bold, vibrant wedding photography

I am passionate about weddings and I love to capture Maine’s natural beauty. I have attended hundreds of these events and understand how important it can be to get everything done in time for your big day! That’s why when working together, there will never be too many details or tasks – because my priority always remains to deliver an exceptional experience that matches all expectations from start through finish.

Bangor Maine Wedding Photography Packages

Custom Quotes Available Upon Request


My prices are competitively priced with similar wedding photographers and am always ready to discuss your needs and provide you with a custom quote/payment plan.

Following are my basic wedding photography packages, but if there’s something else that suits what is best for us both then we can work together on an individual basis! Included are photography alone and combination photography and wedding videography.

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Bangor Maine bride and groom photos

Jennie Ann, Bride

“Catherine was a true professional.”

Catherine is the best!!! Very reasonably priced and has a flexible schedule. She always goes above and beyond to please her customers, which is why I highly recommend Catherine for any photography needs! The first time that we used Catherine’s services was during wedding planning in early fall when she took some pictures of us as part of the engagement session; then again with wedding photography in Rockland. She made sure everything turned out beautifully despite those challenges.

Kiera, Bride

“Catherine was so welcoming and friendly.”

Catherine was a pleasure to work with. She made sure we were happy with the pictures and worked closely in order to meet our last-minute Bangor wedding needs! Her dedication has been evident throughout every aspect of photography, from her friendly demeanor all the way down even how she interacted during the wedding – this review should not only include it but mention what an amazing photographer Catherine truly is as well!

bride and groom on the water near Bangor Maine
Braide and groom taking photo on lake near Bangor Maine

Susan, Bride

“Catherine has helped me in so many ways! I can’t recommend her enough!”

Catherine’s creativity and enthusiasm shines through in every single picture she takes, making them so much more special than anyone else would do! We had been postponing our wedding a second time due to COVID-19 but once Catherine came on board as our planner/ photographer it all fell into place effortlessly with her help capturing this true moment that we will never forget.

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