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Portland Maine wedding photographer captures bride and groom walking along a dock next to a sailboat in Portland Maine


bride and groom on a maine lake near Portland, Maine


bride and groom holding flower bouquet and clear umbrella as Portland Maine wedding photographer takes shots


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Why Choose THIS Portland Maine Wedding Photographer?

Portland Maine Wedding Photographer/Videographer Catherine J. Gross

 Why me? I’m particular about my wedding shots. With the flexibility of last-minute requests or changes that need to be made, you can rest assured knowing your special day at one of the BEST Portland Maine wedding venues will be as you dreamed it. It will turn out perfect! My number one priority is making sure everyone enjoys this beautiful moment in time together with their loved ones.

From wedding preparations, ceremony, and all through the wedding reception– As your Maine wedding photographer, I’ll make sure there’s not a single frame left untaken when capturing each precious detail from start ’til finish!



bride and groom on Portland Maine ocean with sailboats in background

Getting Married in Portland, Maine

It’s time to think about how you plan on documenting this special day. You found love and want the world to see it rock their foundations. As a Portland, Maine wedding photographer, I can really tell the love you feel by what is written in these pictures! It’ll be important that when your wedding rolls around nothing goes unnoticed so make sure all aspects of event planning reflect who YOU truly ARE as a couple (love isn’t always perfect).

bride at alter in a church in Portland Maine

My Portland Maine Wedding Photography Enlightens

Wedding photography is my passion. I love the raw emotions of a wedding and capturing those special moments between bride and groom as well as all of the little details that would be forgotten if it wasn’t for me photographing your big day! I often find myself feeling nostalgic as well because every time you let yourself go completely in front of the camera lens – both your mind and heart will open up like never before.

Bride getting ready for a wedding in Portland Maine

I Can Help Plan Your Wedding Day

My love of weddings and commitment to making your day run smoothly is only matched by my professionalism. As someone who has attended hundreds, I know how important it can be for you not to have to worry about time management on such an important occasion- that’s why with me, there will never be too many details!

Portland Maine Wedding Photography Prices

Custom Quotes Available Upon Request

I am always ready to discuss your needs and provide you with a custom quote/payment plan in that respect. Following are my basic wedding photography packages. These are just a baseline to what I offer. Custom quotes are always provided upon request of needs. I offer packages with both photography and wedding videography.

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What Other Couples Say


Portland Maine bride and groom photos

Jennie Ann, Bride

“Catherine did an amazing job!”

We could not have been more thrilled with our wedding photos! Catherine took the most magical wedding photos and we will cherish them forever. She was so fun to work with and made us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. We highly recommend her Rockland Maine Wedding Photography services!

Kiera, Bride

“Catherine was so friendly and welcoming.”

Catherine was a pleasure to work with. She made sure we were happy with the pictures and worked closely in order to meet our last-minute wedding needs! I hope that Catherine can be available for all future events because she is such an amazing photographer!! This review should not only include her friendly demeanor but also how dedicated this woman has been throughout every aspect of photography: from understanding what kind of pictures YOU want, right down to the details – Everything looked perfect thanks largely due to her.

bride and groom on the water near Portland Maine
newlyweds on a maine lake

Susan, Bride

“I highly recommend Catherine to everyone!”

Catherine was literally the best photographer we could have asked for. Her creativity and enthusiasm shows in every single picture she took, making them so much more special than what anyone else would do! We had been postponing our wedding a second time due to COVID-19, but once Catherine came on board as a planner/photographer it all fell into place effortlessly with her help capturing this truly one of-a kind day forevermore…I can’t recommend her enough if you want pictures that are out there – go try least expensive option first (or not)!

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