Is a wedding First Look with Dad a thing?

Of course, it is! It is one of my favorites to be honest. This is one of those RAW emotional moments I’m a sucker for.

Wedding Trends

As a destination wedding photographer in Maine, I have seen a variety of different weddings with various traditions. In 2016, I photographed my first wedding incorporating a father and daughter first look. I have documented several first looks between a bride and groom. This was my first father and daughter one. In fact, I didn’t really know what to expect. Once it happened the emotions made it hard to see through my viewfinder (sap over here.)

Wedding First look with Dad, Maine weddings

From the father walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle to her groom-to-be. To the father-daughter dance, weddings are filled with special moments with Dads. Now more and more brides are opting in for the father and daughter wedding first look. As a wedding photographer, I’m loving every minute of this.

We as wedding photographers and brides have loved the misty eye pictures from dads. They glance at their little girl in a beautiful wedding gown embarking on her new journey. It makes sense for them to have their own special moment.

Now is this for everyone? If you are a daddy’s girl or your dad will be walking you down the aisle, this is something to consider. Walking down the aisle can be the most emotional and memorable time for you and your dad. This is the moment your dad has to give you away to the love of your life. (and this is really hard for most). This is the moment you leave the man who has been there for you your whole life. This is when you go to begin a life of your own.

First Look, Maine weddings

The Opportunity

Having a first look with your dad can allow for many opportunities. This is the moment he can take a look at all your beauty. He can remind how great you are and how proud he is of you. This is that moment you can tell him how much you love him before he walks you down that long aisle. These are moments that you and he will remember forever. It is a changing point in your relationship that creates a stronger and different bond for the future. This is also a perfect moment for your photographer to capture. It is quiet and intimate and allows room for emotions to flow.

So, if you are teetering on the edge of having this moment or not I suggest you do it. You will only get this moment once and trust me on this, you will have no regrets! Contact me today.

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