A Spruce Point Inn Wedding – Boothbay Harbor, Maine

by | Feb 13, 2024

spruce point inn wedding interior

Spruce Point Inn weddings are not just about the vows and moments of commitment but also about crafting a narrative of love that endures.

As a wedding photographer covering Midcoast Maine, I’ve had the honor of not only witnessing these Spruce Point Inn wedding stories in person, but capturing them on camera, too.

Nothing is quite like the thrill of documenting a day that unites passion, love, and the celebration of two people becoming one under the big sky and beside the deep blue waters of Maine’s harbors.

Spruce Point Inn Wedding ceremony

Setting the Scene: A Spruce Point Inn Wedding

Nestled within 57 waterfront acres of the secluded Maine coast lies Spruce Point Inn, a hidden gem exuding the timeless charms of Maine.

This essence of rustic elegance offers the perfect canvas for a wedding as close to an oceanfront fairytale as one can imagine.

Picture exchanging vows with the ocean as your backdrop, surrounded by the lush greenery of perfectly landscaped lawns and gardens – a sanctum for the coupling of souls.

Spruce Point Inn Wedding Setup outside by the ocean

Ranked among Maine’s best wedding venues, Spruce Point Inn sits on a rocky peninsula jutting into the open Atlantic. It merges meticulously kept grounds with quintessential Maine motifs – lighthouses, coastlines, and sailboats – elements woven into each couple’s tale.

This place makes every wedding a dream come true. The amenities spoil the couples and the wedding guests, serving comfort in rustic luxury.

The Love Story: Jeff and Brittany’s Wedding

Jeff and Brittany’s love story was nothing short of a modern-day fairytale. As I was invited to immortalize their nuptials, I knew the wedding would be more than just an event but a saga of joy.

Theirs was a love that blossomed amidst the salty air and the wild tides of Maine, and they chose the serene canvases of Spruce Point Inn to etch their first chapter.

Spruce Point Inn Bride Walking Down Aisle

The couple’s two dogs were part of the entourage at this pet-friendly wedding venue. Their presence was everything to Jeff and Brittany – their inclusion was essential.

Spruce Point Inn Wedding Dogs - Pet Friendly wedding venue
groom posing with his dog at a spruce point inn wedding.
bride kissing dog at a spruce point inn wedding

A significant pause came shortly after the wedding, as the couple had to say goodbye to their oldest dog, echoing the passage of time and love’s resilience in the face of loss. It’s a tale of love but also life’s reflections.

Spruce Point Inn Wedding Dog-

Their wedding day still echoes in Spruce Point’s nooks, where laughter and vows intertwine, creating a melody that lingers.

Capturing the Special Moments

A wedding’s essence often lies in its imperfections, in the unscripted authenticity that only a camera can freeze in time.

Jeff and Brittany’s wedding day was filled with these moments – a stolen kiss under a marquee of fairy lights, the uncensored joy of their dog companions, and the solemn beauty of Jeff guiding Brittany through the threshold of their union.

Each photograph is more than an image; it’s a story. A visual account of laughter, tears, and the journey beneath the cerulean skies.

These images capture the moment and the emotions that breathe life back into them every time they’re viewed, a treasure to last a lifetime.

flower boy/man sprinkling flower petals on the aisle of a spruce point inn wedding
Saying I Do at spruce point inn
walking down the aisle at Spruce Point Inn
bride and groom wedding photos at Spruce Point Inn
full wedding party at Spruce Point Inn
his and her lobster wedding cake at Spruce Point Inn - Boothbay Harbor, ME

Exploring Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor is not just a destination; it’s where nature’s palette meets the artist’s eye. This picturesque harbor town, quaint in its coastal allure, doubles as a getaway for guests attending the celebrations.

Post-wedding, they can explore the local charm, indulge in fresh seafood, sail into the sunset, or amble through the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens – a kaleidoscope of harmonizing hues.

Local attractions and activities are woven into the very fabric of Boothbay Harbor, promising an enriched wedding experience. Be it s’mores under a starlit sky or a scenic cruise, the harbor accentuates the festivities, painting each day with memories to last a lifetime.

Destination Wedding Potential

Boothbay Harbor is a prime contender for couples planning a wedding away from the bustle of daily life. Its scenic charm, paired with the convenience of Spruce Point Inn, offers the perfect balance – a mix of tranquility and tailored services.

Hosting a wedding at a location as romantic as this ensures a memorable day and a vacation for guests and honeymooners alike.

Destination weddings in Maine have an aspirational appeal, carving a space where traditions meet new experiences and love unfolds under a different sky. A Spruce Point Inn wedding does just that; It encapsulates the destination spirit into the sanctity of matrimony.

spruce point inn wedding interior


As the tale of Jeff and Brittany’s Spruce Point Inn wedding resonates within these words, their story represents the spirit of every couple who has tied the knot within these coastal confines.

Boothbay Harbor, Maine, etches itself as a quintessential backdrop for the romantic at heart – a dream that reality unfolds, crafted with love and sealed with a kiss.

I invite you to consider the allure of a Spruce Point Inn wedding – a day where love meets the legacy of the Maine coast and begins its journey.

Embrace the idea of a wedding that’s not just an event but a magnificent beginning, captured exquisitely in the photographs that will grace your walls and warm your heart.

Boothbay Harbor whispers to lovers and beckons not with words but with winds that carry the fragrance of roses and rippling waters.

Your union deserves a stage as picturesque as your dreams – and there it awaits, between the tranquil bays and the spirited sea.

And most importantly, let’s capture these moments together, creating a gallery that doesn’t just tell a story – it relives it repeatedly for years. I would love to be considered as your wedding photographer and immortalize the beginning of your happily ever after. Just send me a note to get the ball rolling.

Vendor List

Wedding Planner: Allyson Penman with Dragonfly Services
Wedding Dress: Andrea’s Bridal
Tux: Andrea’s Bridal
Rings: Day’s Jewelers (Groom) and Portsmouth Jewelers (Bride)
Caterer: Spruce Point Inn
Venue: Spruce Point Inn
Florals: Boothbay Greenhouses
Hair & Makeup: Lisa Napoleone
Photographer: Catherine J. Gross Photography

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Catherine Gross


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